RMUMC Annual Golf Classic

In 2017, as we thought of new ways to engage our community, have good fellowship, and raise money for our aging buildings, Charles Sias was asked to help get a golf tournament together.  He gladly accepted and we planned our first annual tournament at Reston National Golf Course.  Charles gathered a team to help.  The first Golf Club members were: Charles Sias(chair), Paulette Williams, Rose Foster, Kimberly Young, Rev. Dr. James Daniely, Deborah Turner, Paula Johns, Leola Battle, Kathryn Hill and Robert Hicks.  Our first annual event was held in October of 2018. The funds raised by the event are specifically used for the repair, maintenance, and refreshing of our nearly 200-year-old building.

Since then, we have held the event annually and as a result been able to refresh our buildings, have great fun, fellowship, and food. Oh yes, food is a part of the agenda because after golfing, we eat, give out awards, and share with our friends and family.

As an annual event, we look forward to having all who wish to participate join us in fun and fellowship through golf. 

After several years at Reston National Golf Course, in 2023 we have changed the venue to Laurel Golf Course in Lorton but the expectations are the same: good food, great people, excellent golfing, and funds raised for the building/renovation of an historical jewel. Come out and join us, please!

RMUMC Classic 2018

RMUMC Classic 2019

RMUMC Classic 2021

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