Church of South Washington Street

The genesis of this gathering was a Holy Week service that originally included two predominantly white congregations. Rev. Thomas James (Washington Street UMC) then invited Rev. Dr. James Daniely and his congregation to participate. The following year, at the urging of our Lay Leader Kimberly Young, Rev. Daniely invited Rev. Quardricos Driskell and his congregation, Beulah Baptist Church to participate. The group of Clergy and Kim began to organize events to promote relationship build and began to dream of a group of Christians that more resembled what God was calling them to be. ONE BODY in CHRIST. As this leadership group met and discussed, the Church of South Washington Street began to take shape. 

Today, The Church of South Washington is four churches, two Baptists and two Methodists, two historically black and two historically white, that gather together to bridge our historic divide by coming together to fellowship, worship, and serve the City of Alexandria. For over 170 years, that which has divided us has not been distance – we are the four Christian churches of South Washington Street in Alexandria, Virginia. We are separated by only five city blocks; our proximity has not been our problem. 

We believe that God’s love that unites us is greater than the societal divisions that seek to separate us. This reconciling love of God invites us to learn from our churches and community past, and to share in life-giving relationships that open us up to God’s presence in our midst in new ways. The group has created an Ambassador group consisting of 2 representatives from each church. This group of Laity is helping dream of new ways to grow this partnership. 

In recent years, we have shared on the kickball field together, served in mission by supporting community ministries together, celebrated the life and witness of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and we have worshipped at varying times throughout the year. We invite you to join in our collective proclamation that God is greater than our divisions, and that we are stronger together than any is individually.

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